The Robert Digweed Collective is a studio-based instrumental jazz-funk fusion project led by saxophonist, arranger and producer Robert Digweed.

The Collective remains a quartet at its’ core but collaborates with a larger group of musicians to feature their individual talents. The members involved are united by a shared passion for playing original music and exploring creative collaborations.

The Band

  • Robert Digweed
    Robert DigweedSAXOPHONE
  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan RobinsonGUITAR
  • Damion Sheppard
    Damion SheppardBASS
  • Daniel Western
    Daniel WesternDRUMS


First Impressions is our debut album. It was the outcome of several years of concentrated gigging around the Midlands. The album consists of unique arrangements of jazz standards, which was followed by two remix albums; Second Chances and Third Time Lucky. The remix albums includes contrasting interpretations by a selection of handpicked producers. These extended collaborations have in turn inspired the direction of the band’s upcoming release.

Listen on Bandcamp
Listen on Bandcamp
Listen on Bandcamp
Black on Red

Black on Red

This is our new live studio track, recorded at Henwood Studios. We will be releasing the song and an accompanying video some time soon to promote the fourthcoming album, ‘Go Fourth‘. We have been working on the new songs and recording for the new album is underway. Watch this space.


The Collective plays several live shows a year to promote their original material. We are currently seeking new opportunities to perform at independent venues and festivals. To find out when we are next playing a live show you can subscribe to our newsletter, like our facebook page for updates, or follow us on songkick. If you are an organiser wishing to book a set of our original material please contact us.

The Collective can also be hired to play sets of jazz & swing standards for private events, such as weddings and parties.